The Very Quick Sale

Very Quick Sale

Selling to a National Home Buying Firm


There are firms Nationally which specialise in Purchasing Domestic Property for resale.

These firms buy your property very quickly (usually achieving an exchange of contracts within 7-14 days). They then resell the property when you vacate or sometimes can let it back to you, if you wish to stay in it for a while.

This is particularly useful if you are in a position where you:


Are facing imminent repossession and do not want to leave your Home


Are facing a heavy debt burden which you cannot service or for which you cannot arrange any refunding


Are under pressure to exchange contracts on another Property and are unwilling, or unable to do so without your current home being sold


Are Emigrating and your own property has not been sold


Are in the process of a Divorce or Separation and require a speedy resolution to joint ownership of the Home


How does it work?

Most of these firms Guarantee to buy your home at between 75% and 85% of the Market Value. Initial Contact can be made through the link at the bottom of this page.

The Buyer will send a Chartered Surveyor to Value the property and within three or four days of the inspection will make you a firm offer. Exchange of contracts will be achieved shortly after that and then you can agree a Completion Date ( i.e. The Date you wish to move out and will be paid the balance of the Purchase Monies).

Alternatively you can discuss an Assured Shorthold Tenancy if you wish to stay in your home for a while.  

Additionally there are no Estate Agency fees and VAT to pay.

Selecting a Firm 

Not every firm which specialises in this Market use Chartered Surveyors to carry out the Valuation.

Very Quick Sale

Surveyline has analysed the Market Place and selected a firm which uses Independent Chartered Surveyors for the Valuation.

The Surveyline Service costs you nothing. You deal directly with the Firm and they pay you for your Home Direct.

If you would like us to place you in Touch with a National Home Buying Firm for a no obligation and no cost discussion:

(Select the Option "THE VERY QUICK SALE" )