Planning & Appeals

Planning and Appeals

Domestic Planning

There are several ways in which the householder can become involved with the Planning System.

Planning Policies are laid out in the Local Development Plan or the Unitary Development Plan for an Area. National planning guidance is given in Planning Policy Guidance notes issued by Central Government.

An extension to a dwelling may require planning permission and/or building regulations approval.

If you intend to change the roof structure of a dwelling, this may need planning approval and will almost certainly need building regulations approval. This will include for example the creation of an additional room within the loft.

domestic extensions

Some domestic extensions will be within what is known as permitted development guidelines and not need planning permission, but normally still require building regulations approval.

If this sounds confusing, it is because the law relating to planning matters is complicated and you invariably need a professional advisor to guide you through the process.

Your Surveyor will examine your proposals and arrange for the preparation and submission of plans together with the appropriate forms to the Local Authority.

The Surveyor will negotiate with the Planning Authority as necessary during the course of the application and see the matter through to
decision level.

If you feel aggrieved about a decision on planning and wish to appeal, the Surveyor can guide you through the various options available under the planning acts.

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Enforcement Notices & Stop Notices

Various notices can be served by the Local Authority, if there appears to be a breach of Planning regulations.

Sometimes a meeting or telephone discussion with Planners may result in the submission of an Application to regularise the situation.

An Appeal against the notice will sometimes be necessary.

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Commercial Planning

Businesses may become involved in Planning and advice will be needed on matters such as:

  • Changes of Use, of Shop, Industrial or Office Premises
  • Extensions or external alterations to Commercial Buildings
  • Changes of Access or Egress arrangements
  • Changing Shop Fronts
  • Noisy uses or storage of dangerous substances
  • Changes of use to upper floors of a building

Again, Enforcement Notices and Stop Notices, or Breach of Condition Notices can be served if there is a perceived breach of planning regulations.

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