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Surveyline can provide you with a very competitive quotation for Conveyancing on the Purchase or Sale of a property anywhere in England and Wales.

You will be able to track the progress of your Sale or Purchase online at each stage in the transaction. Simply Complete the one line FORM by clicking on the link below and your Quotation will appear instantly on your screen. You can instruct the Solicitor online. The Service is fast and fees are very reasonable.

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What does your Lawyer Do?

Buying a Property in England or Wales

If you are Buying a property in England or Wales the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer who acts for you will receive a Contract from the Sellers Solicitors, make the necessary enquiries of the Vendors Lawyers and conduct Searches via the Local Authority and the Land Registry. They will examine the Title Deeds and, if you are arranging a Mortgage, advise the Lender on the Legal aspects of
their Security.

They may advise you on your responsibilities as a Freeholder and your commitments if you are buying a Leasehold Property.

Your Conveyancer will ensure that you have the funds in place prior to exchange of Contracts and effect an Exchange, thereafter obtaining the Mortgage monies for Completion, from the Lender.

Buying and selling

This is a combination of both of the above services and your Lawyer will tie in your sale with any purchase you are making and when you are ready to exchange contracts the Lawyer will ensure that the Exchange on your Purchase is carried out simultaneously with your Sale.

Selling a Property

When you Sell your Property your Legal Representative will obtain the Title Deeds from you or from your Lender if you have a Mortgage, and will arrange for the preparation of a Draft Contract for submission to your Purchaser's Lawyers, subsequently answering the questions raised by the other side.

They will guide you through to an exchange of Contracts collecting the necessary deposit from the purchasers Lawyer, and receive monies for Completion of the Sale on your Behalf. They will disperse fees, including any Estate Agents commission, and remit to you the Balance of the purchase monies

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You may wish to change your Lender in order to reduce your monthly payments or perhaps borrow a little more for home improvements or life’s little luxuries. A New Lender could be more competitive than your existing one and you should seek alternative quotes regularly. Don’t forget to compare like with like i.e. the same length of Mortgage term and the same sort of penalties if any, for early redemption.

A Re-Mortgage will need a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer and to obtain a quotation on the Legal work for a Re- Mortgage click below

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