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Surveyline - Development Land and
Alternative Uses

National UK Planning Policies encourage Brownfield Development i.e. Development of sites which have previously been used as Residential or for other forms of Commercial or Industrial Development. An Alternative use for your previously used Land could substantially enhance its Value.

Alternatively there may be scope to add value to an existing property by a change of use, extension, or even demolition and redevelopment.

If you know of Garden Land or a Developed Site which you believe to have further Development Potential or potential for Alternative uses, you would certainly benefit from confidential advice from a Surveyline Chartered Surveyor.

Surveyline can place you in touch with a Local Chartered Surveyor

who can inspect and possibly map the site, and identify any Development potential by reference to Planning Policies for the Area. -

We can undertake Planning Appraisals including advice on the cost and likely outcome of any Application.

We can also advise on Valuation matters and arrange for the submission of a Planning Application if required to do so, guiding you through the process of maximizing your Land Value.

Strictly Confidential Professional advice please

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Alternatively we can place You in
touch with Developers

Put you in touch with developers

who may bear the costs of the Application and any Appeal, and we can advise on the terms of any Conditional Contracts which are offered to you.

If you have identified possible Development Land and require Strictly Confidential Professional advice please Click here