Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes


Local Councils have powers to deal with High Hedges which adversely affect the amenities of adjoining Owners or Occupiers. For more information please CLICK HERE

The best advice we can offer if you are becoming involved in a Boundary Dispute, is to settle it in a friendly manner with your neighbour.

Litigation should be the last resort as the costs involved can be substantial. A simple, and less expensive way of resolving a Boundary Dispute, where both parties are digging their heels in, is to both agree to appoint an Independent Surveyor to act as an Expert in the matter. The Surveyor will be appointed by both parties who should agree to be bound by the decision. We can arrange this for you.

If the above method cannot be agreed and you require Independent advice from a Chartered Surveyor, we can place you in touch with an Expert to act on your behalf and if necessary give evidence in Court proceedings.

You may think that the Local Council can resolve Boundary Issues but this is not the case. Many UK Local Councils refer such enquiries to Surveyline as we have Members who are experts in these matters.

You can discuss your problems with a Surveyor who may be able to offer initial advice without visiting the site.

If you are involved in a Boundary dispute click here to request a telephone call from a Surveyline Surveyor.


We were instructed by a Client in the matter of a Dispute which had arisen over Land between two houses in Kent. The Neighbour was using the land to access his rear garden with Commercial Vehicles. The Boundary between the properties was established and a fence erected to protect our Clients property.


Acting as an Independent Expert for a County Court we were asked to determine the true boundary on what was formerly a shared driveway as one party had erected a fence along the driveway. We were able to measure on site and marked the Boundary line so that there could be no encroachment by either neighbour.

Boundary Dispute Process